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Let's Talk Business

Hi, today, let's talk business. Being a parent is already a full-time job and adding homeschool to that makes it two jobs rolled into one. Over the years, I have taken all that I've learned from homeschool, being a mom, life, and developed it into a business.

Blue Wright Publishing was born to inspire and aspire to change. I created a space where I hope minorities can express their creative voices and illustrations to tell new and unique stories. We make fun and educational books; every book comes with a note to the parents on utilizing it as an educational tool.

In 2020 my husband and I officially launched Blue Wright Publishing. My husband tells the stories, I illustrate them, and our daughter inspires them! It has been amazing and very tedious; who knew to format a book could be more complicated than illustrating it?!?!? I did so much research and still do, but sometimes there is no better way to learn but to do it. After publishing our 1st book in September of 2020, I've learned a lot from experience.

What I've learned is how to continue to adapt to the challenges. It's okay to ask for help, get feedback from family and friends. My friends and family have helped me gauge reactions to characters and even my logo here and Blue Wright. When the support of good people surrounds you, you are truly blessed. Thank you all! I've also learned so much about myself and my capabilities.

I am embracing this journey and now publishing the second book! It was way smoother this time around; I've learned from my previous mistakes. Ultimately that is what life is about learning from yesterday, only bringing what you need into tomorrow -The new book is Fliparoo the Backflipping Kangaroo, and It was released yesterday! Check it out here! Along the journey of Fliparoo the Backflipping Kangaroo, young readers will learn some kangaroo history, how they grow, what they eat, and how they travel around Australia! Also, young readers can have fun discovering Australia with a seek and find a quest to uncover the most common wildlife in Australia.

Do you want to self publish a children's book?

Ten quick tips!

  1. Start with doing some research.

  2. Picture books are between 24-48 pages, 32 pages most common.

  3. Decide on traditional methods or digital art.

  4. Choose the dimensions you'd like for the book. Most self-publishing companies will have a size guide.

  5. With digital art, ensure that each page is 300dpi, CMYK color, and sized accordingly.

  6. Copyright your work.

  7. Purchase an ISBN.

  8. Choose print on demand, e-book, or both. E-books have to be converted, and this feature is generally available with the company you use for publishing.

  9. There are also options to purchase books in bulk. This option is generally expensive, and there is a risk of not making your money back.

  10. Have realistic expectations.

Feel free to comment or reach out if you have any questions. Good Luck, and thanks for reading!

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