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Bittersweet Moments: Eight Tips to Help Kids with Moving

Happy Monday! With a little under two weeks left before our big move, I want to take a moment to acknowledge how difficult this is for our daughter. If you read my previous blog post, Here, Take my Money!?! Our current rental is the only home she has known, and we've created many unforgettable memories here.

Peace out

Buying a home is a huge accomplishment, and we've been doing our best to prepare her for the change. She has been a part of the process since the beginning. She has learned how mortgages work and how and why to save money. She has had fun touring every home with us, dreaming up plans for the playroom and bedroom. But none of this prepares you for the moment it all becomes a reality.

Last week we had a couple of beautiful days, and as usual, we had class in the yard. In the end, I took a few things in and left her to clear up the rest. Moments later, I hear whimpering, and I look out into the yard to discover my baby girl in a puddle of tears. I was so confused; my husband decided he'd speak to her. Low and behold, she was sad about the move. She wishes we could stay forever. 🥺

We start by acknowledging her sadness and echo a little of it back. Moving is a big deal. Her whole world is changing. Not only our home, but we've also had to cancel classes at her Karate studio. Keeping in mind all the changes, we remind her why this change is good for the whole family. More space, room for a dog, and it is ours. We start to discuss her ideas for her room and steer the conversation in a positive direction. I also made a sweet little video to remind her of all our memories here and how much fun we'll have making new ones. The selling point that sealed the deal was more hiding spaces for Hide-n-Seek. Lol.

Eight Tips to Help with Moving

  1. Discuss moving ahead of the search.

  2. Keep schedules consistent if possible.

  3. Honor their feelings.

  4. Make them a part of the process by allowing them to pack up a few of their toys.

  5. Keep them informed, so they know what to expect

  6. Give them some control. For example, they are choosing a theme or item for their room.

  7. Make their room 1st priority by setting it up first.

  8. Open dialogue and reassurance.

If you are moving check-in with the littles, they may be having a hard time. Reassure them that all their memories are here to stay, and they will create many more wherever you go because, in the end, family is what makes it a home. Good luck!

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