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Happy Nappy Curls???

Happy Sunday, I hope everyone has been getting some quality time with their families and with themselves. I took the time to do a little self-care today, and I have been contemplating doing something new to my hair. I've been natural for maybe 12-15 years now.

This page was initially started to document my hair journey and evolved into something new with my daughter's birth. Now full circle, and I am here to discuss hair. Wash days are tough for us with all this hair, and my daughter's head is extremely sensitive. So detangling comes with tears most times. I generally do styles that can last at least a week. After several discussions, I suggested locking her hair. At first, she didn't seem too interested until I began showing her images of women and children with locs. I think she was actually surprised about the versatility.

She decided she wanted to loc her hair, and in preparation for this, she asked to try new styles beforehand. We recently did her 1st set of box braids installed by me, and she loved it. Next up is big bouncy curls. Allowing her to choose her hair journey is essential to me. She has to learn to decide what happens to her body, and I think this is a great way to start.

I am excited to join her on this journey! I've always considered lociking my hair at 40, which is quickly approaching. So in the new year, we will begin a new journey together. Are you going to be starting a new journey? Any tips or tricks from the loc community are much appreciated. 565

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Clavia Allen
Clavia Allen

This was a good read. I too wanted to loc my hair by age 40, so I decided to loc in December 2020, the journey has been great but had some challenges with a extreme dry scalp and then developed seborrheic dermatitis. I wanted to end my journey, but then I tried some at home remedies with some products recommended by family in Trinidad and had eliminate some things from diet, things have been looking up. My daughter was/is torn between starting her locs, I don't want to force her but would love her to join the journey. My son however wanted to start his locs. I family that's loc'd together stay together (smile).


Beautiful Queen 🙃

Nordia Wright
Nordia Wright


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