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Settling In: Homeschool Room 2.0

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Hi lovely people! I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer. So many of your children have returned to school. This summer has zoomed by so quickly. Our summer was packed with mini trips between unpacking and settling into our new home. However, the classroom has been the catch-all space during our move.

After countless hours of unpacking, finally, all the items made their way to their respective places. My priority up until Labor Day was getting the space organized. This room is doing double duty as a playroom/classroom. Luckily we have two closets, one dedicated to homeschooling and the other for toys. We completed that closet redesign four weeks ago, and it came out beautifully!

Everything is excellent and has made cleaning up so much easier now that everything has a place. All the bins are super sturdy and roomy. I purchased all the wooden and pink metal bins from target and reused two I've had since Aria was a baby. Most importantly, Aria loves the space we created!

Creating the classroom space was so fun! I had lots of help from my hubby and Aria. Because this room doubles as a toy room, and homeschool classroom, I've had to ensure storage was on point. I picked up most of my bins for the toy section from Target and utilized some I already owned. For the homeschool closet, I found stackable rolling bins in Ikea and the blue bins from my previous classroom makeover in our apartment. There were a few mishaps, like buying chalk paint instead of chalkboard paint and running out of wallpaper. But it's all a learning process, and I am proud of the results. I am still waiting on a cute green storage cabinet that I will place under the shelving for even more storage options.

Critical Items for a Fun and Functional Homeschool Room

  • Storage

It is always reigning number one when creating any space. It is a top priority in a functional space, especially when doing double duty.

  • Chalkboard/ Whiteboard(saves on paper)

  • Clock

  • Calendar

  • Designated Zones

Desks for classwork

Table for lunch, arts, and craft

Reading area

Play area

  • A planner

  • A notebook for keeping track of progress and general notes

  • Plants bring so much life to any space

  • Art supplies(new and recycled)

  • Folders for keeping daily tasks/worksheets organized

Every school year, I learn new ways to become more efficient. You will, too; it's about growth and understanding what works best for your family. I hope this helps, and if I think of anything else, I'll add it to the list. Check out the video of our homeschool room!

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