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Roaring into the Week!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

What were your goals for this week? We learned about dinosaurs, prediction in reading, money, and practiced math skills. We had plans for a trip to The Museum of Natural History today. Unfortunately our plans were thwarted by weather in the single digits! We're are hoping to make the trip next week.

Math Fun

Math worksheets are great, but they are a little dull.

I made her a number line on my iPad, and on our dry erase board, which comes in very handy and saves on paper!

She completed a few worksheets working on sums of 15.

<----- I can see an incorrect answer, but I always allow her to go back and check her work. I think it is essential to double-check your work. It teaches her to self-correct.

For our money lesson, we get out a few of her toys and sometimes my jewelry. We make price tags for everything and set up shop. Playing and learning hand in hand is the best! See attached printouts.

Roar Like A Dino!

Did you know? Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic are the three different times of the Dinosaur. If you have a kindle unlimited subscription, National Geographics has an excellent book about dino's that made a fantastic addition to this week's lessons. The dino was found in the $5 and under section of Target.

Brontosaurus Coloring Sheet
Download PDF • 2.18MB

Numberline print
Download PDF • 1.32MB

Price tags
Download PDF • 2.38MB

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