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Dino Stomp!!!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Stomp into the week with a positive attitude and good intentions! Make your kids ROAR with this fun craft.

  1. Cardboard

  2. Green construction paper

  3. A pair of scissors

  4. Pencil

  5. A glue stick

  6. Ruler

  7. Yarn or twine

  8. Glitter(optional)

  9. Markers(optional)

  10. Purple construction paper. (toenails)

Fold two green construction papers three times horizontally using glue for each fold. Attach the two pieces of paper horizontally so that it fits on your child's head. Repeat this step to make spikes.

Now, grab your ruler and make triangular shapes. Careful not to go all the way to the bottom. Then cut out your spikes.

Once the spikes are cut out, it's time to decorate them! Ari decided she wanted hers to look like Dumphy the Clumsy Dinosaur!

Now tape the spikes onto the headband we made earlier, and voila, you have a dino headband!

We can't stomp without the feet! Here's what you'll need. Grab the cardboard, construction paper, scissors, glitter, and a glue stick.

1. Create a shape for the dino feet.

2. Cut it out and use it to trace the other foot.

3. Place the cardboard foot on your green construction paper and trace the shape.

4. Be sure to flip one of your cardboard feet so that it appears to be a left and a right foot.

4. Glue the construction paper onto the cardboard feet.

5. Grab your purple construction paper and cut out toenails and glue to the feet and add glitter.

Pierce a hole on both sides of feet and thread it with yarn or twine, and then the stomping can commence!!!

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