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My Little Coder

Wondering what Coding is, Coding is using a programming language to instruct a computer to do specific commands. Coding is essential for building the apps and games that we all know and love on our mobile devices. It also responsible for AI and augmented reality!

Why did we choose to add Coding to her curriculum?

In this fast-paced technological world, we wanted to give our daughter a head start. Coding isn't just about programming. It fosters creativity, logic, problem-solving skills, and mathematics.

1st Coding Certificate!

Last summer, we didn't know much about Coding. Then we saw an ad for a free trial with Whitehat Jr., so we figured why not? It turns out that she loved the trial course. Unfortunately, the initial price was too steep. Later on in the year, I received an email from Whitehat Jr. They informed me that they had restructured the program. Instead of individual classes, they decided to have two students per instructor, which significantly brought down the prices. Not only are the courses more reasonably priced, but my daughter has also made a new friend!

Aria has completed 15 of her 45 classes, and I am thrilled with everything she has learned and created. The classes are twice a week, and they have two quizzes and two projects to complete throughout the week. It teaches her accountability and reinforces what she learns in class. I asked her what's her favorite thing about Coding she said, "I get to be creative!"

All in all, this course has been a great addition to our homeschool curriculum. Coding was the best way to introduce her to the world of computer science and prepare her for the future. It has also introduced her to new words and expanded her vocabulary. I am so proud of my munchkin and can't wait to see what else she will create!

Stay tuned; we will be trying out the new BBC Learning and Doctor Who Inventor Coding Kit and giving you all the details about it!

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