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Kanga Planter- Kangaroo Pouch Plant

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

We made the cutest little kangaroo planter! Kangaroos are marsupials, and they grow their young called joeys in a pouch. So we decide to make a kangaroo planter!

First, you will need to downland and print the template below or make your own.

What you'll need:

  • Cardboard

  • Templates

  • Scissors

  • Googly Eyes

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Sequence or Glitter(optional)

  • Markers

  • Small planter

  • Soil

  • Seeds of your choice

  • Water

Step One: Cut out the shapes from the template. I made our templates by hand using construction paper.

Step Two: Trace your shapes on a thin piece of cardboard (i.e.cereal box) and cut it out.

I didn't have a cereal box on hand, so I used an Amazon box, which was difficult to shape around the pot. But you can do it.

Step Three: Before assembly, I used sandpaper to smooth the edges a bit. Skip this step if you used a cereal box.

Step Four: Grab your head attach the googly eyes, ears, and nose. Don't forget to color in your ears if you'd like to add a pop of color!

Step Five: Decorate the tail and put it aside.

Step Six: Assemble the kangaroo starting with gluing the body to the flower pot. Make sure to leave half an inch from the bottom because you don't want your cardboard to get wet when the plant is draining. Then attach your limbs, head, and finally, tail! Add soil to the pot, add your seeds, and water it. Now watch your plant flourish in its Kangaroo pouch!

Enjoy! For more Kangaroo fun and facts, grab a copy of Fliparoo the Backflipping Kangaroo.

Download PDF • 1.27MB
Download PDF • 1.96MB
Download PDF • 1.04MB

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