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Homeschool Lessons: Sight Word Hop!

This is an oldie but a goodie. I've been busy cataloging our old lessons and getting them on the blog for the younger kids. So stay tuned for more... Now let's get to it!

Are you and your kids bored with flashcards?!? Then let's have fun learning with the sight word stone hop. Grab your flashcards and some tape. Create a fun winding path, and imagine you are trying not to fall into the water and be swept away by the current.

The game's objective is to get to the end without falling into the water and correctly reading each word; if you fall into the water or answer incorrectly, you must restart from the beginning. You can get creative and make your path as long or short as you'd like. This activity is fun to practice sight words and be active! Let me know what the Lil ones think of this activity.

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