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Homeschool Lessons: Aerodynamics Unit

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I've posted some homeschool content. I've been focused on our 3rd book release @bluewrightpublishing; if you have not, please check it out and follow us!

Please take a peek at some of the fun activities from our Aerodynamics Unit. Aria had so much fun with this unit. We made parachutes, paper planes and wrapped it up with this awesome kit on aerodynamics from @melscience.

We did try to make a hot air balloon, but that was a fail. Lol, you win some, you lose some. But we will try again just for fun.

I think her favorite part of this was the day we made parachutes for her miniature horses and unicorn. Sorry, no pics or film. We were having too much fun. I tied in Mae C. Jemison into this unit because she is the 1st Black woman to make it into space and #blackhistorymonth. So we learned about Jemison and the science behind launching into space #history and #science

Vocabulary Words for Aerodynamics Unit

Discuss the meaning of each word and while conducting all the experiments keep the terms in mind.







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Clavia Allen
Clavia Allen
19. März 2022

This was awesome!

Gefällt mir
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