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Homeschool Lessons: The Readers Journey

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

The road to reading can be bumpy. But once you have arrived, it makes it all worthwhile. Aria struggled with the fear of being wrong. I did my best to instill confidence by letting her know it's okay to be wrong sometimes, especially when learning new things.

I encourage her to do her best and learn from her mistakes. Once she overcame her fears, things became so much easier. She is very hands-on and doesn't like to sit still. So I had to find ways of keeping her moving and engaged. Check IGTV for our sight word hopping game. Having a semi-independent reader has made our school days so much smoother. I know which activities I can trust her to do on her own. My desk is right next to her; if she has any complications. It's a plus because now I get some time to focus on some of my business.

I am so proud of my little lady and the enthusiasm she has for learning. I encourage you to like @bluewrightpublishing as we will be publishing many more fun and educational books. Link in below if you'd like to purchase our book Dumphy the Clumsy Dinosaur. It's a fun tale about a clumsy dino using rhyme and word families.

Recommendations for beginner readers:

It's essential to start with a strong phonics foundation. It's imperative to the success of your reader. Once phonics are mastered, you begin introducing sight words, word families, double blends, which aids in pattern recognition; BL is a double blend, and we know BL together sounds the same: black, block, and blonde.

Combing phonics, sight words, word families, and double blends help with decoding words faster. Also, read read read to your little ones. I cannot stress how important this is for young readers; it feeds their imagination and helps develop literacy skills. Remember, above all things, patience and a supportive environment go a long way.

-Label everyday objects (i.e., Door, Mirror, Bathtub, etc.)

-Dumphy the Clumsy Dinosaur(Word Family book) Written by my husband

and illustrated by me

-Hooked on Phonics

-Sight word Bingo( adapted for our word hop game(IGTV)

- ABC mouse

-Word Family Sliders (found on

links to some of my favorite workbooks

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