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Homeschool Lessons: My body & Microscopic Cells

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Welcome to our unit on the body. For our 1st week, we started out getting familiar with the parts of our bodies. The Human Body Activity Book For Kids has been our guide through this; it has been very informative and fun!

In all lessons, I always try to find ways to build upon the class. By creating fun activities that complement the studies, you reinforce what's you're teaching. So, I purchased a microscope; I have wanted one for some time; I was so excited once it arrived. Now, let us dig into the lesson!

Week one is all about identifying the organs. At the end of the week, I created a life-size replica of the body's anatomy on our chalkboard. Ari labeled everything with great success; she even surprised me by getting the esophagus labeled. This exercise isn't just about knowing the body parts but also familiarizing her with new words. I helped her sound out all the words to work out proper spelling, like the say two birds one stone. Creating opportunities to reinforce reading and spelling rules along with learning any subject is always optimal. I assigned her a word jumble for our assessment at the end of the unit. I've attached worksheets and a diagram below.

On to week two, we go! Here is where the real fun begins. The moment Ari and I had been waiting for; It was finally time to break out the microscope. We completed the Teeny Tiny: Your Cells section from the book mentioned above.

We learned that there are approximately 200 different cells, and there are trillions within the human body. They are all responsible for many functions like carrying oxygen, keeping you safe from germs, and so much more. On completion of this section, I tasked Ari with creating a model of a bone cell. I allowed her to choose her supplies.

For our microscope exploration, I collected a cheek swab and saliva. Of course, Ari gathered many things that have no relation to the human body, but hey, that's what science is all about! Her curiosity was piqued, and I am here for it, so we looked at everything and anything that could go on a slide. She was so amazed, and so was I! Take a look and let me know if you can guess what's what in the comments.

My_Body labeled
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