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Homeschool Lessons: Multiplication Hop

Why sit around memorizing multiplication facts? When you can get moving and have fun with math. We're hopping into spring with this fun math activity. Grab some tape and flashcards, or make your own and let's go!

What you Need

  1. Construction/scrap paper

  2. Scissors

  3. Markers

  4. Tape(preferably painter's tape: easy removal and good stick)

  5. Multiplication Flashcards( you can do this with any age using color, numbers, or letters)

It's time to get creative; you can use as many or as few flashcards as you'd like. Create a fun and challenging path, group math facts, or mix them up; it's up to you. I added a bonus round at the end, and the objective is to answer them quickly and accurately, all while not falling off the path. This activity brings learning, physical activity(gross motor skills), and fun together in the best way! This activity was derived from a previous activity using sight words. Check that out for the younger kiddos, and have fun adapting this in ways that work for you!

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